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DarkLich.com founded in 2005, It provide me a place to share my ideas online,  Include the following:

  • Web site development.
  • Software development.
  • Mobile phone development.
  • WordPress development.
  • Games development.
  • Articles.
  • Stories.
  • Songs.
  • and more…

Why DarkLich.com:

DarkLich.com, this domain, is a renew of my old days Lich BBS that I used to run from home.
The BBS allow users to upload and download files, read news and chat with each other in the pre internet days, using the home phone line.

In those days the BBS where the best place to find articles, files and information about new games and software’s. It use a ASCII characters for as art for the graphics interface and several software to run the BBS itself.
More about Bulletin board system(BBS), can be found on Wikipedia: BBS

On Wikipedia you can also find information about Lich.

DarkLich.com Web Site Services:

  • Downloads freeware and shareware tool.
  • Source code samples.
  • WordPress plugins.
  • Games.
  • Mobile.
  • Articles.
  • More to come…

Contact us:

eMail: support [at] darklich [dot] com.
Using the Contact page.