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Old DarkLich Tools

As you can see the site had been change, we are working on new cool helpful tools and articles for the site.

If you where in the past on the site, you probably remember that there were some free tools for download.

This page will be the tools page, there will be one zip file that include all the tools for download.

Please keep in mind that most of the tools are old and might not work properly on window 10.

Here are the old darklich tools:

  • Duplicate File Finder (DupFind): DupFind as it name it can search for Duplicate File in your system/folder.
    It gives you the option to search for files by type and to compare one from the files that it found with the others files that it found.
  • Enabler: Enabler can enumerate the running windows on your system. It can give you extra information on a running window. It set a HOT KEY in the system to help you Enable/Disable windows.
  • File Information (FileInfo): FileInfo get all kind of information about a PE base file(exe, dll).
  • File Stream (fstream): fstream is a small command line tool that will let you add a destination file to a source file as a stream.
  • Picture to Html output creator (Pic2Html): Pic2Html is a small tool that can find all image base files in your computer/folder and generate an html base output file with a link to all the images. This file will show all the images in a small rectangle with option to open the image in normal view.
  • Service Information and controller (srvinf): srvinf is a small command line tool to control computer services.
  • File String Founder (StrFind): StrFind is a small command line tool to extract string from files.
    It can be use to find string in all files type( English character only).
  • Application To Startup (AppStart): AppStart ever wanted to add your application to the OS startup.
    This small tool give you just this option.
  • Start and Run application info (StartNRun): StartNRun is a small startup enumerate application.
    It gives you all the current startup application from: Registry keys, Startup folder,  Services, Drivers.
  • Process Debug and Info (PrcDbg): PrcDbug is a task manager like tool that show you information about the running processes on your local computer.
  • Directory Control (DirCtrl): The Directory Control application was build to help you automatically copy/move files from a source directory to a destination directory using Time or Auto Folder Change Checker (This might be useful as an auto folder backup utility).
  • Blue Screen Of Death(bsod): BSOD – XP Only! will generate a real Blue Screen Of Death to your computer.
  • Dump PE file header (DmpExe): DmpExe is a command line tool that will dump any PE base file(exe, dll) and show its header information.
  • TcpData: TcpData this tool can give you basic information about open ports and TCP, IP statistics on your local computer.
  • prcScanner: prcScanner is a command line tools that search for a hidden process in your system.
    It is not the best method to use but it scan very fast.
  • Hit My Site: Will Not Work HitMySite is a small tool that will use a proxy site list to Hit Your Site.
  • Proxy Checker: Will Not Work Basic Proxy Checker – This small tool can validate if a given proxy can be used to surf the web and to download files.
  • Windows Serial Key:Windows XP Serial Key, This small tool will show you your installation serial number.
  • Process Kill (pk): Process Kill (pk) is a command line tool to kill a running process, it can kill it by a process name or by the process id.
  • Big File Creator: BigFileCreator this tool can help you to create a big/small dummy file.
  • SpoolIt: SpoolIt,I build this tool due to an error that I had from time to time with the printer spooler.
    The problem that it fix is when the printing queue is stack and you are unable to print any document, even full system reboot do not fix it.
  • dinfo: dinfo – drive information – This small command line tool show you information on a selected drive.
  • openwnd: openwnd – open windows – This small command line tool show you the current open windows.
  • sysinfo: sysinfo – system information – This small command line tool show you general system information.
  • winfo: winfo – windows information – This small command line tool show you the current operation system you run on.
  • netinfo: netinfo – general network devices information – This small command line tool show you general network devices information.
  • Basic Port Scanner(PrtScn): PrtScn is a basic TCP connect() Port Scanner – It try to connect to the port list you give it.
  • adsinfo: adsinfo  – alternate data stream (ADS) information – This small command line tool show file stream information.

Please download from here: Old Darklich Tools Zip File (1678 downloads)

Please Note:

The tools in the zip file are working on Windows < 10 only.